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I haven’t show you what I did a while ago. It was a very sexy shot and something that I never do yet I always love to work with different people. Well, it’s hard to say that it’s not different enough since fashion is constantly changing. It makes the work very diverse and put you in a situations with different personalities, so you always learn and grow.

I seriously love my work! It’s not just making beautiful photos, be all dressed up and pretty in front of the camera. I realised that through all these years camera gave me something that I would never get through normal work. Since I’m quite introverted person it gave me a confidence to be totally creative, to show my emotions more often and show how imagination has no limits.

Here is the new campaign we did for Lily Blossom and I am truly happy to spend time with nice people who made work way easier, since it was for a fetish brand.

Thank you Belén Claver for being so fun ? I couldn’t do it without u! And all the rest for making a good team!










_CP_0304 1

Photo by Nacho Casado

Muah by Miguel Angel Gomez

Styling by Belén Claver

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